Thursday 14 April 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

You know you are an adult when you start asking for reasonable gifts...last year was the just the beginning--I asked for (and received) a National Park Pass for all Canadian national parks.  And a food processor.  This year, my most sensible gifts ever:

An assortment of gardening and composting books to help me realize my gardening goals this year. And what else?

This year my gift came complete with composting classes at the local Composting Education Centre! The best part about it is that my parents want to get involved as well, and will be accompanying me to the class. Spreading the compost love even before starting!

I'm very excited to get started on this hobby and aspect of green-er living (as soon as the freak snowstorm disperses) and will keep you all updated on what I learn!

Are any of you gardeners out there? Any advice on composters, or favourite things to grow? Let me know by commenting!

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! I totally love my composter. Although I'm still waiting for some "black gold", it has been great even thus far (these first 6 months) for really reducing the amount of curbside garbage I have. Basically, I keep a large mixing bowl on my counter and just deposit little things into it throughout the day. I then transfer the bowl into the compost once every day or two (that's how fast the bowl fills up!). All that organic matter used to simply be going inside a plastic bag, where it wouldn't have the chance to properly decompose (with oxygen & sunlight) for quite some time!

    I'm excited to see what it does for my garden pots, too!! ;)