Tuesday 23 April 2013

Spring Tea Party Favours

There's nothing like hosting a themed party with some of your closest lady friends. Especially in the springtime, it's fun to get together and see what the girls have been up to over a long hard winter. One of many popular themes these days for a party is a "High Tea" theme. In fact, I have been to 2 of these bridal showers in the last 3 months. For these parties it's a chance to put on your finest dress, your dainty gloves, and fascinator and channel your inner Royal as you sip tea, munch scones and catch up on the most recent gossip.

I was recently given the task of providing favours/prizes for a High Tea party themed bridal shower and decided to create a "Tea Party in a Jar". A simple idea, it was created with mostly things I already had in the house! See below for all the ladylike details!

-Mason jar of whatever size you like or have
-Fabric (preferably with a cute pattern)
-Stiff cardboard for gift tags
-Assorted gift items to place inside

For the gift items within my jars I kept it very simple, small, and related to the theme (Tea Party!).  I printed out a recipe for Tea Scones which I placed in the jar, as well as a variety of tea bags of differing flavours, and some small, delectable chocolate truffles.


After filling your jars with all the ladylike details, simply close up the mason jar and secure circles of fabric over each lid with twine.  I hand printed little tags that say "Tea Party in a Jar" on one side, and the name of the bride and groom and "2013" on the other side.  Simply slip the cute tags onto the twine and secure, and then you're done! The great thing about this prize is that it cute, customizable depending on the personality of the bride, and relatively inexpensive to create.  In total I think each "Tea Party in a Jar" cost about $2.50 to make (although I DID already have many of the components already at home).

Hope this helps you think of some fun ideas for a Tea Party of your own.  As always, love to hear from you below!