Tuesday 5 April 2011

Something Fun...

I have discovered a wonderful webpage, called Practically Green.  This site is a great resource for many different ideas and suggestions on how to make your home healthier, as well as more eco friendly.  They have a plethora of great information on their blog  that is interesting AND useful.

One of the most interesting parts of the site though, is their quiz .  This is a quiz that helps you target areas of your life that could be made more healthy, eco friendly, and easier on the wallet.  ALL good things!

I am relieved to say that my quiz results aren't as embarassing as I thought they might be, but the site also provides ideas on ways to improve even the most green households.

Want a couple tips on ways to "greenify" your life, if you're like me?
-Get an energy audit for your home to see where you can improve
-Install a programmable thermostat so that your furnace will decrease the house temperature while you are snug in bed
-Plant a vegetable garden in your yard
-Use collected water from a rain barrel to water grass or flowers
-Install a low flow shower head

These were just a couple of the great ideas to help pare down extra energy and water usage.  But don't take my word for it, take the quiz yourself!  And then comment below with your "green status".


  1. Hi there! Your sister pointed me in your direction (on FB and your blog as well!) Your site is looking great so far - hope you have fun with it!

    I'm another Canadian blogger who was just featured on Everything Cloth! I'd love if you'd stop by my site as well! I blog about parenting, cloth diapering, thrify living, recipes (soon) and other topics! http://manager-to-mom.blogspot.com

    Thanks for posting the link to the practically green quiz as well! I'm going to take that shortly!

  2. I took the quiz! What were your results Amy?

    I got Adventurously Green!
    I have reached a level 7 out of a possible 10.

    Not bad? I liked how one of the questions was about how much meat you eat per week. Such a huge environmental issue.

  3. I took the quiz and got "Solidly Green" 6/10. Better than I expected, but much room to grow!

  4. Just took the quiz - I also got "Solidly Green". Not too bad but there are definitely areas of improvement!

  5. Ditto for me--6/10 and solidly green. I love how when you register, you get some actual practical recommendations about where to from there. I think I'm going to start collecting the non-soapy bathwater to water my plants with, seriously! ;)