PR-Friendly Info


We are looking to provide readers with ideas of new eco-friendly, organic, health-related goods to enhance their lives.  We are also looking to pair with products that are suited for healthy and safe parenting, baby goods, etc.  An online review of a product is an excellent way for a company to spread the word about their organization, passion for their products, and for the product itself.

Partnering with Us

As a website that is geared towards baby friendly, eco-friendly, organic, and health related goods, we welcome any companies with like minded goals and products to contact us; we would be more than willing to partner with you to review your products, perform online giveaways, and spread the word about you and your products. Please contact us using the "Contact Us" form above or emailing us at

Reviews and Giveaways

If you would like your product reviewed, contact us using the form above. We would require a free item/product of your choosing to review, and in return would write a review (including text and (where applicable) photos). This review would be done in a timely fashion, and would be available to you, if preferred, to review before it is posted online.

In cases where you would like to also include a giveaway with the review, you would agree to the terms above, as well as providing and sending the reviewed product/like product/online credit/etc. to a giveaway winner. Participants in the giveaway will gain entries by performing tasks such as: visiting your website, following your twitter or facebook accounts, making online purchases from your website, etc. The giveaway winner will be randomly chosen and their infomation passed on to you to provide them with their prize. Giveaways produce increased traffic to your website and increased knowledge of your company and products so to contact us to get involved, email us at or use the form above.