Tuesday 5 April 2011

Another New Day, Another New Goal

I will admit that many of the clothes I currently wear are made in China.  Or India.  Or somewhere else that is not local, and perhaps made by someone who doesn't provide their employees with fair wages and treatment.  It wasn't until very recently, that I even knew much about different types of clothing fibers.  (Bamboo, Hemp, etc.)  My sister (you may know her from sites like Cloth Diaper Contests and Giveaways and Everything Cloth) began to educate me on the uses of these natural fibers in cloth diapers for babies, and I am now learning about the use of these fibers for clothing for everyone.

The main advantage to using organic natural fibers?  They are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides which would eventually wind up being in your clothes, against the skin, and infiltrating the environment because of their use.

Some interesting facts I learned:

Bamboo, as a natural fiber, is eco-friendly because it can be replanted every year and can grow up to 75 feet in 45-60 days.  It also has excellent wicking properties and ability to draw moisture away from the skin which is why it is commonly used in workout gear (or cloth diapers).

Hemp, is one of the fastest growing biomasses known, and requires little to no pesticides or herbicides which makes it very eco-friendly as well.  Hemp is a very strong fiber that has been reported to be three times stronger than cotton, which makes its durability excellent!

As my education on organic and natural fiber clothing increases, I hope to share my new-found knowledge here!

Do you wear organic/natural fiber clothing?  Do you notice a difference?  Comment below!

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  1. In Edmonton, my favourite eco-friendly clothing store is called Lucid Lifestyle.
    They sell awesome and comfortable clothes and the guy who owns the place, Andrew, is totally awesome. :) Check it out!