Saturday 30 April 2011

Gardening: In the Beginning

I've finally gotten underway!  Bought some soil, some seeds, and while I'm not going to risk planting outside yet in case of another freak snowstorm, I wanted to get the home grown veggies and herbs started.

Since this is my first year of having my own garden, I decided to experiment with some seeds to see how they work out in our climate, how they like being transplanted, and generally just wanted to see what would survive my rookie skills!

This afternoon I made some starter pots out of newspaper and a pot press to start some seeds indoors until the chance of frost and snow are gone for sure!

I'm starting out with just some mint, dill, cilantro, swiss chard, zucchini, and lettuce.  I also have a young tomato plant I got from a local greenhouse to put in once it warms up a touch more (and once my husband builds me some planter boxes.)  I'm hoping to branch out into some carrots, beans, and maybe some strawberries depending on what the weather does in the next couple weeks.

After going to the gardening centre today,  I am also very excited to start my own compost.  As I was trying to pick soil to plant the seeds in, I was bombarded by at LEAST 20 different soil options, many "enriched" with some things I had never heard of, and didn't know anything about.  In the end I picked some normal old soil, and am hoping for the best.  I'm excited to next year hopefully have my own composted soil available to use so that I know EXACTLY what my soil is made of, what it's enriched with (kitchen scraps!) and where it came from.  Never did I think I would be so excited about dirt.

Any suggestions for other good "beginner" veggies to try?

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