Thursday 14 April 2011


I faced a tough internal battle tonight, but I think I came out on top with a green solution.

This was the dilemma my hometown is facing:

That's right....a freak snowstorm.

The spring temperatures plummeted back below zero, blowing my weekend gardening plans out of the water.  I used good old muscle power to clear the snow off mine, and the neighbours sidewalks (unfortunately they were covered again shortly thereafter), but came inside feeling quite chilled.  As an insensible young adult, I refused to put on gloves, proper coat, or boots and paid the price for my vanity. 

When I came inside I thought of my options...this is the point at which my old, uncaring self would have cranked the heat in the house and perhaps settled on a nice hot bath or shower as well, eating up a good 20 minutes under a stream of blazing hot water.  However with my new goals and passions in hand I opted for a more "eco-friendly" and perhaps more enjoyable option of warming myself up.  Enter slippers, housecoat, and hot chocolate spiked with whisky from a recent trip to Scotland.

While this may not seem like a tough choice to you, these are the little battles I plan on winning everyday to make a small yet important impact for our world.  And hey, a little whisky never hurt anyone!

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  1. Kudos! You also need a wheat bag--these are my wintertime lifesaver! Just fill a fabric pouch with some kernels of wheat, stitch shut, and reheat infinitely in the microwave. A very small amount of energy use for about 2 hours of solid heat capacity! A great inexpensive, eco-friendly alternative to a bath when all you want is to warm up your extremities a little ;)