Sunday 5 May 2013

Welcome Back!

Hello my friends, and thanks for coming back!

I realise I have left you for far too long but as I'm sure we all know, life can get crazy in a hurry!  My apologies for not posting in over a year, however I'm hoping to change that!

The website will be taking a minor turn in content to one of a more broad category as my life mirrors this change by taking a new turn itself.  My husband and I have recently found out we are going to be welcoming a baby boy in September 2013 after almost 2 years of trying to have a baby and enduring the painful ups and downs of that process.

Because of this, some of the blog content/reviews etc. will likely be more "mom" and "baby" oriented, however I still hope to post my favourite recipes, eco products, gardening, and composting experiences!  I am SO VERY excited to take this journey, and I hope you will come along!

With all the new changes in my life (and changes to come), I would love to connect with some other moms/moms to-be, or blogs that you all like, so please feel free to post in the comments below, or email me using the "Contact" form above!

Thanks for your patience over the last year's silence!


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