Wednesday 13 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday! Well, not so wordless....

Hello my friends, so sorry for the long silence!  Summer has finally fallen in my northern land, and up here we get pretty crazy about spending as much time away from TV, computers, etc. during these long summer nights.  Hopefully you are all experiencing a wonderful summer thus far as well.

For the photo portion of "Wordless Wednesday" I thought I would tell you a little tale.

While driving through this:

We came across:
(momma bear AND 2 cubs--harder to see)

I arrived home to work in the garden, and to my dismay, discovered that this is what happens when you neglect your garden and it rains more than ususal....
(by the way, what type of weed IS is EVERYWHERE, I cannot pull it fast enough!)

But not all hope is lost, there are still some jewels hidden among the wild growth:

1 comment:

  1. Those are hundreds of little bitty baby elm trees you are growing, without knowing. How come they grow better all by themselves and the seeds we painstakingly dote over fail ? Mother Nature knows best ;)