Monday 23 May 2011

Limoncello Update

If you read my previous post about making homemade Limoncello , I am here to give you an update.  After 23 days of resting in a cool place, out of the sun, my husband and I did a taste test of the vibrantly yellow, clear liquid.  Since you need only 1-2 oz. to taste, we have PLENTY left over for apres dinner sipping on hot summer nights.

The taste test results:

The limoncello remained very clear, with a nice strong yellow colour.  Upon opening the bottle, a lovely, refreshing citrus (yet very alcohol smelling) scent wafted out.  At first taste, it a had a very smooth flavour which was thoroughly infused with the lemon without being overwhelmingly citrus.  However, it is upon swallowing you really get the full flavour of the liqueur.  There is a lovely warming sensation that follows the taste, as well as a residual essence of lemon left in your mouth (when I talk of the lemon taste, its more of a spiced, mellow lemon flavour which is really lovely, rather than a pucker-worthy citrus taste).  While the liqueur is essentially pure vodka, it has an over all sweet flavour which, I am told, gets sweeter the longer you leave it "curing". 

All in all, I am VERY happy with the way the Limoncello worked out; I would DEFINITELY recommend that you try making this at home, as the taste is DEFINITELY worth the work, and the wait!


  1. Alright, now I want to make it! Too bad it won't be ready until early September! But hey, Fall is a good time too!

  2. After tasting it after only 23 days, I think we could start enjoying it anytime now! So really I think you could have a batch ready in about 2 months (ready for August). But truthfully I think its good ANY time of the year! ;)

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